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We at Mobilemamma.org want to welcome everyone to our organization. We know you will be as excited about this page as we are.
Lets start at the beginning..... 7 mammas all sat down at a kitchen table with some paper and pens and with some appetizers and sodas
Mobilemamma.org was born. We knew that we had to stand out from the crowd and bring something to our society that was not only educational but meaningful to all of us
Our group is made up of very diverse women, we all come from different social, economic, and professional backgrounds. We have one goal in mind and it is to protect our youth from the dangers that lurk with the technology from the devices we have handed them.
In today’s society, parents are lagging behind with the assets of how to utilize the mobile applications that our youth are using on a daily basis. Our youth are proficient with the use of mobile devices. How can we protect our youth if we don’t understand the potential harm affiliated with mobile devices?
Mobilemamma.org wants to be an educational resource to parents, guardians, grandparents and other adults who are interested in learning how to safely and properly use mobile devices. The technology of today is rapidly evolving. The social media applications are designed to target our youth, but what is not accessible is the perils of the applications.
We may never know if we have saved one youth from a suicide attempt or even stopped one youth from being taken for sex trafficking. But for the ones that we will know about our goal has been met.