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Who We Are & What We Do

Why do we exist: We have a passion to share our resources and knowledge with parents, guardians and related community services, to keep our children safe from cyber sites that can be a harmful access to predators, sex trafficking/ offenders and other dangers. We provide a real-time hand on training and education work shop. We are currently developing a state of art applications to help Parents and guardians supervise/ monitor their youth’s electronic devices.
Mobile Mamma is a Nonprofit organization, made up of 7 women who came together to with one idea in mind. This idea was to help educate as many people as possible about how the dangers that social media can affect our children and young adults.
Our CEO, is a small business owner and tech expert. The President is a 26-year Air Force Veteran and Adult educator. The remaining Board members come from a wide area of back grounds. This makes us a very diverse group, with children and grand children who we are looking out for.
We are affiliated with our local school districts; training being introduced as mandatory training for technology & social media violations at the high school level. Also, we work with local Community Support Agencies, Resource Centers, Libraries and Churches.

Work Shops!!!!
We have 45 to 60-minute presentations available. Our hands on interactive curriculum built is built to allow participants a hand on, step by step procedure in safeguarding their youth’s existing smart phone options. Optional time is given as needed for each class. Additional time is spent for a question, answer and sharing of experiences between parents and guardians for specific youth vulnerabilities to brainstorm for solutions. Each participant leaves with step by step procedures and specific contact information for their area local resources, law enforcement, counselors, and technical support.

Mobile Mamma smart phone application is currently under development.  Once this application you will be able to monitor social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. We have a list of predefined words that will auto trigger a response to your phone and you will also can add words that are popular with your children. You will receive reports of usage, locations, and sites visited. As a parent or guardian, you will also can turn off a specific application or remotely lock your child’s device or set the device to lock at certain time of the day for certain sites.  
As this is still under construction we could use your help in completing this portion of our project. We are currently accepting donations through our go fundme link above or by mailing a donation directly to us. We at Mobile Mamma Appreciate all your support.

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